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Jacki and Miranda are most pleased to have you present. This blog was created as a way for the two BFFs to keep in touch seeing as Miranda decided to up and move far, far away. Jacki misses Miranda, and Miranda misses Jacki! They share affection for a lot of things, most notably making lists! Also, vocabulary. Their brilliant minds decided to combine a way to keep in touch with an outlet for their endless quest in wording and listing. Join them on their bonding, loquacious journey.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


This was meant to go up on friday! I am sorry! Been a funny couple of days :)

Anywho, this week's list is our five least favorite types of clothing! I imagine jacki and I will share a few distastes, but for the most part I am quite curious to see her list!



  1. If flip flops is on your list I will be disheartened but quietly in acceptance of your choices. -_-