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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If you like these things then I apologize.

Since this week's list is things that we don't like, I'm sure that we'll come into conflict with at least a few of our readers! I had a difficult time with this list, it turns out that I don't dislike a lot of kinds of clothing. Even though I stick to relatively simple fashions myself, it remains that I have little opinion about what other people are wearing.

Do you like my coat hangers?

For number one, allow me to explain. If other people want to wear flip flops, then fine! But I truly hate them for myself. I think that they're intensely uncomfortable (and yes I have tried on so called "comfortable" ones, no luck) and they just bother me. Every person close to me wears them regularly and loves them. But I just can't do it.

Image found here

Now tube tops may seem like a silly thing to add, but really it seems that they're not flattering on anyone. Anyone! I believe that there are exceptions, maybe. I'm not so crazy in my opinion that I'd refuse to acknowledge if someone looked good. But really on the whole, tube tops are just bad. And please note that when I say tube top I'm not including strapless long tops! 

I'm positive that my mom had at least two of these outfits.
Image found here

I am fairly certain that no one wears anything with shoulder pads anymore. Do they make tops with shoulder pads? Who knows. I do recall my mother wearing them everyday when I was younger though, and even as a small child I had an intense disliking for them. I thought they were just so silly! My mother has nice, feminine shoulders; why decide to man them up?! Maybe I'll understand someday.

This was supposed to be a photo of an offensive shirt, but they all made
me so angry that I couldn't bring myself to post one here. Enjoy this
incredibly adorable corgi puppy instead! Image found here

The last two are the only ones that I really hate and also judge people just a bit for wearing them. OK, whoever is wearing a crude or distasteful shirt I judge them a lot. I want to be honest! Why would you want to walk around with something offensive proudly displayed? Everyone has their own unsavory thoughts, but is it necessary to constantly broadcast them to everyone you pass? Bleagh. And as for the leggings as pants, I suppose I don't so much judge those people as I do feel incredibly confused over why they didn't put on real pants. I mean, if the shirt/top is long enough to cover their butts then fine, but I'm fairly certain that anything shorter than that isn't wearing the clothing correctly. Maybe? Perhaps I'm the one that is wrong!

I decided it would be too mean to find a sneaky photo of someone 
wearing leggings as pants, so instead you get this kitten. Image found here

My goal is not to offend, for certain. I'd love to hear the opinions of others! What do you dislike? Do you like any of the things that I've listed? Let's hear it! :)


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