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Jacki and Miranda are most pleased to have you present. This blog was created as a way for the two BFFs to keep in touch seeing as Miranda decided to up and move far, far away. Jacki misses Miranda, and Miranda misses Jacki! They share affection for a lot of things, most notably making lists! Also, vocabulary. Their brilliant minds decided to combine a way to keep in touch with an outlet for their endless quest in wording and listing. Join them on their bonding, loquacious journey.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

This week's theme...

This week's theme was suggested by Miranda's bigger half. I would've said better, but. Well. I love Miranda. And Andrew is in fact, bigger than Miranda. And while he is awesome, I don't think he's necessarily better. And...And well here's to trying to avoid awkward moments.


Yes anyhow. Andrew of Drawing with Andrew and more recently developed, Eating with Andrew suggested to Miranda, his darling sweetheart, that we make a list of the many things our boyfriends are good at. And if my dear Blake had a blog I would shamelessly throw links in all directions to promote it as well.

At first the suggestion was made by saying we list the top ten things our boyfriends are good at, not including "doing it."

WHAaaaaat?! Then what would our #1's be?

We're still deciding on whether or not Miranda is feeling particularly bashful.


There you have it. This week's list theme is:
Top Ten Things our Boyfriends are Good at!



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  1. Not *as* bashful? You're not bashful at all!! xD