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Monday, September 12, 2011

Grade School Shopping?

Whoooof... Long week. Sorry for the delay! Here is my back to school stopping top 5:

I realized after I already sent the image to my email that there are a lot of typo(write-o)'s?

Errors. I guess.

The most critical moments of my back to school shopping history involved choosing the right writing utensils.... When we got to the cash wrap and mom was eyeing me suspiciously for having grabbed too many items that (GASP) weren't even on my supply list...I undoubtedly sacrificed the quality for all other items but NEVER the pens/pencils/markers!

Even though Ticonderogas were a worthy adversary... the Black Mirado warriors always won me over... ;)

So much rested on the quality of my ink and graphite. Of course the next logical step was how to contain my most treasured assets. The sheath to my swords! Now I'm not sure at what point I thought it'd be a good idea to stop buying any and all Sanrio themed items, but I truly am a little disheartened that I stopped. hahahah...sure it's a little childish, but I can't get over how cute it all is!

how did I go from
this: ...to this: ?

No matter. Their purposes were served well and they were always my favorite things to shop for. Dividers played beautifully into my obsession with constantly flipping through my binder and organizing, reorganizing and labeling all items that found their homes within the warm embrace of my trapper keeper. I had a very particular order for all subjects and loved to buy the cleanest looking dividers with the most tabs and created the labels for each plastic tab by hand. What a dork. Folders of course were always classic...as long as they didn't involve those damn boring Pee-Chee styles...........................Sorry if anyone likes those. I was never into them. I always wanted high glossy colorful action happening on my folders. Lisa Frank ruled my universe for a short period of time but I quickly realized how harassing those images actually were. Sanrio was a safer and less obnoxious bet. Plus little Asian girls are expected to get Sanrio gear...It was practically on my required supplies list.... >.> whatever. haters gonna hate.

And of course I was almost as picky with my college ruled single spaced loose leaf paper. Miranda. This is a big, "DUH." I couldn't go a year in junior high and high school without filling out an entire notebook. After 9th grade I discovered that these were the most comfortable, portable and durable bookies for me. (I clearly hadn't been introduced to the moleskine variety...but alas that was after grade school). These Comp books were my world for a good 3-4 years. I almost ran out of things that I thought were dire to place on my list...Erasers were fun but I never got that into them. My mom refused to buy any eraser that looked like a toy or food, much to my dismay.

But... Speaking of food. My lunch pail and backpack combo was pretty important. :D
Can I get another, "DUH!" preaseeee? hehhhehhh. Even though I absolutely loved carrying my little plastic lunch pails around, and drinking from the equally awesome matching thermos...They started to smell funny after a while. And boy was I forgetful. I always forgot mine at school. Doh. Anyhow. Sorry again for the delay but I've been out of school for a little while longer than I'd like to admit and deadlines escape me often. That's no good! Let's work on that :)



  1. Your composition notebooks!! YOUR CRINKLES! Yes yes yes. They always make me think of you! I'm so glad that binders and dividers were on both of our top 5s hehehe 8-B

    Also, I think that "write-o's" is an awesome word and sounds like a better version of that gross alphabet cereal!

  2. hahaha what was that stuff called again? I liked it ... >.> the one with the generic marshmallows right? bahahha they had lame commercials. I knew our love for organizing would hold top priority in our back to school shopping memories. <3

    also, because of this, I went back and crinkled some pages in my old comp bookies and missed you terribly :')!

  3. Alpha-bits? I think? My mom bought the marshmallow kind too :D

    miss you :'3